ZaSCI (Organization)

ZaSCI (Organization)

Project Information

  • Clients Zanzibar Seaweed Cluster Initiative (ZaSCI)
  • Duration 30 Days
  • Project Link

Project Details

Zanzibar Seaweed Cluster Initiative (ZaSCI):

  • Developed a visually captivating website for ZaSCI, an NGO focused on seaweed cluster development.
  • Showcased their projects, initiatives, and impact in the seaweed industry.
  • Engaged visitors with compelling storytelling and multimedia content.

Project Showcase:

  • Highlighted ZaSCI’s various projects and initiatives promoting sustainable seaweed farming.
  • Presented success stories, testimonials, and real-world impact.
  • Educated visitors about the importance of seaweed farming for local communities and the environment.

Resource Hub:

  • Created a comprehensive resource hub with downloadable guides, research papers, and training materials.
  • Empowered stakeholders with valuable knowledge and tools for seaweed farming practices.
  • Promoted knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the industry.

Interactive Maps:

  • Integrated interactive maps showcasing seaweed farming locations and clusters.
  • Provided a visual representation of the distribution and impact of ZaSCI’s work.
  • Enabled visitors to explore and learn about specific farming regions.